A game made for the Ludum Dare 46 Gamejam! 

You play as a bunny who's working from home.

Being home & working brings up your anxiety,

but having plants brings down your anxiety!

Earn plants by working.

Work by typing up business words!

Sing to your plants to bring down your anxiety even more!

Keep yourself sane, and remember: It's all about that work/life balance! :)

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
Authorstrmrddr, giraffalope, matthemagician
Made withUnity
TagsLudum Dare 46, Typing
LinksLudum Dare

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key inputs are sort of slow, i cant type as fast as i normally would

How do you write an email?

Type out the prompts that you're given (tasks)! If you clicked outside of the game (clicked somewhere else on your browser) you might not be able to write, so you would have to click onto the game screen again - or fullscreen the game.

Also, if that doesn't work, try running it in another browser or incognito, as plugins might be messing you up. They did for me

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Hey! Wasn't able to comment on your LD submission, but this is a REALLY cute game! amazing job! <3 - Amy


Very neat and relaxing game, I loved it!


This is by far the cutest game I've ever played! Very fun! I recommended it to my friends, they love this kinda stuff!! You're gonna go far!!


I love this!


Relly cool concept and nicely applied ! really like the simple asthetic and sound, it makes it really immersive and not boring !

Thank you!