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You're a frog with big dreams.

As Frogbert, you start out with no possessions other than your stretchy tongue. But Hark! A chef hat floats down the river, and as you gain a hat, you gain a dream... To become the best culinary artist the world has ever seen!

Build your way up from nothing and advance your tools and recipes to become the next star in the culinary world.

Frogbert: Road to Culinary Stardom was made in under 72 hours during Ludum Dare 45.
There may be some bugs. Thanks for trying our game jam submission!


Programming - mathemagician (@moogle905)
2D Art - giraffalope (@giraffaloops)
3D Art - trmrddr (@trmrddr)
Music - oscastyle (@oscastyle)
Sound FX - progs

October 10, 2019, v0.1.2
- Fixed a bug where Frogbert eats his hat.
- Fixed a bug where you couldn't move on the tile below the Combining Station. You can now combine from all angles!
- Fixed a bug where you couldn't move on the tile below the Garbage Hole. Recycle without frustration!
- Fixed a bug where Frogbert holds his mouth open always.
- Adjusted lighting to make shadows easier to see so it's easier to know where to give food.
- Adjusted movement speed a bit. Fast cheffin'.


Download 27 MB
Download 27 MB


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I love the art and music especially! The shift+spacebar bit, I could see being more useful if there were say floating ingredients or perhaps moving flies (There might be, I didn't beat it), but if not I think pressing spacebar under them would be more streamlined.

Great work on this :D